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National Olympic Committees (NOCs) on Instagram

With 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) recognised globally (active/suspended), our research reveals that 116 of these committees actively engage audiences through Instagram. These accounts collectively reach over 8 million fans, illustrating the extensive reach and influence of the Olympic movement on social media.

Gender Representation Among Followers
Our analysis shows a balanced representation of fans, with a weighted average of 48.18% male and 51.82% female followers. This underscores the universal appeal of the Olympic values and the inclusivity promoted by the Games.

Most Female Followers

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Canada

These leading countries showcase significant female engagement on Instagram, indicating effective outreach and content strategies that resonate with female audiences.

Challenges in Female Engagement
Conversely, various countries have a low female following, highlighting areas for potential improvement in engagement strategies:

  • Pakistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Gambia

Across some markets there is a need for an enhanced effort to engage and grow female audiences. More data /countries can be found in our NOC Gender Balance Tracker.

Dynamic Audience Growth During the Games
The Olympic Games significantly amplify the digital engagement of Olympians, federations, and NOCs. Observing the shifts in gender breakdown among followers during the upcoming Olympics will offer a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of sports fandom.

In conclusion, the digital footprint of the Olympic movement continues to expand, with changing gender dynamics on platforms like Instagram reflecting broader trends in global sports fandom. This is why we have created a Gender Balance Tracker (Instagram), to continually monitor and promote gender balance in social media engagement across National Olympic Committees and other stakeholders.

NOC Gender Balance Tracker

'NOCs Word Cloud' based on an AI rendition of the amount of female followers each team has.
*Russia has not posted on Instagram since March 2022.