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Legacy in Innovation: Merging Coubertin's Vision with AI Technology at Share Of Voice
Share Of Voice merges big data with AI, including our own and the French AI Mistral, to innovate marketing by embracing Pierre de Coubertin's Olympic values.
Share of Voice Analysis: Unique Lifestyle Trends in Esports Engagement
Share of Voice analysis shows Esports gamers' from Fortnite, LOL, DOTA 2 unique fashion, health, and drink preferences. Over 1,500 interest points to discover.
2023 Gender Trends: Olympic Committees' Social Followers
Analyzing gender trends in NOCs' social media, revealing disparities despite high female interest in the Olympics and Paris.
Leveraging AI in Sponsor Seeker for Paris 2024: Decoding Global Sporting Interests
SOV's Sponsor Seeker uses AI to decode global sports interests, enhancing strategies for athletes, teams, and brands for Paris 2024.
Squashing into the Spotlight: Harnessing Share of Voice for Olympic Success
Squash debuts in 2028 Olympics; Share of Voice leverages strategic insights to amplify global audience engagement and drive sport's growth.
Cricket, Connectivity, and the Olympics: Tracing India's Digital and Demographic Journey Toward LA 2028
Projected 1.49B India population by LA 2028 Olympics. Cricket's potential return to the event since 1900 resonates in India. Top Olympic Instagram posts highlight India.
Decoding Gen Z Surfing Fans: From Green Skepticism to Authentic Engagement
Generation Z critically evaluates brands for genuine sustainability, valuing authenticity and data-backed claims. Harnessing big data, Share of Voice"can help brands navigate this skepticism and truly resonate with this demographic.
Unveiling Rugby's Global Passion: Fiji's Triumph & Data-Driven Insights from Rugby and the World Cup
World Cup in France sees Fiji's historic win over Australia after 69 years. Analyzing 2.5B data points revealed 117.6M rugby enthusiasts. Data-driven strategy is key.
Betway & Arsenal's Partnership: A Deep Dive into the interests of people in the UK, France and Italy
Betway partners with Arsenal; UK leads in 2023 gambling trends per Share of Voice data analysis."
A look at the data behind the Rubiales #Seacabó moment that is eclipsing the FIFAWWC 2023
The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup set records, but the Ruibales #Seacabó moment shifted focus. Using media benchmarks, Google Trends, and more we measured the impact.
Playing Blind: The High Cost of Overlooking Data in Sports Digital Strategy
Overlooking data in sports' digital strategy is like playing blind; it's costlier, less effective, and misses out on evolving digital fan engagement
Share of Voice Analysis: Chess vs. League of Legends
Share Of Voice analyzed chess vs. LoL's popularity in 4 countries using big data across five months.
Share of Voice launches the first-ever platform providing free access to big data for struggling athletes.
SponsorSeeker.org offers a rich platform, profiling athletes, teams & events like Olympics. It provides demographic insights, affinities & growth strategies, simplifying data.
10 reasons why we need to sponsor more women in SPORTS
Sponsoring women in sports helps to promote gender equality, creating positive role models for young girls and tapping into a potential growth market.
Alex Huot CEO & Founder of Share of Voice
Alex Huot is a digital leader and innovator that has just created "Share Of Voice", an agency that specialises in gathering intelligence and big data.
12 months of data from 5,000 Olympians
Effective digital strategies require active listening. Our infographic using data from 5K Olympians over 12 months and reveals trends in volume, localization, brand affinities, emojis, & keywords.
Sponsor Seeker to Empower Athletes, Teams and Brands
Share of Voice partners with Audiense to power Sponsor Seeker, offering consumer insights & cultural data. Alex Huot, CEO, commits to empowering athletes, fans, gamers, and brands globally. The partnership aims to boost sponsorship & community growth in sports.
Press and social media intelligence gathering
Share of Voice revolutionises online presence tracking. With access to 2.5 billion data points, a scan of 280K news sources & 15 social channels in 242 languages, it provides comprehensive insights for businesses.
FIFA smashes all records of "Interest" on Google
⚽ New FIFA World Cup Record! Qatar 2022 showcased football excellence with unprecedented records. History made!
International Olympic Committee announces "Esport Week" to be held in Singapore
Discover what people are googling for around Esports and the Olympics. Tracking Google searches is key for content creation, distribution & monetisation. It helps understand audience interests, optimize SEO, predict market behavior, analyze competition and so much more.
Share of Voice launches in Lausanne, Switzerland
Global agency, Share of Voice, offers end-to-end solutions for brand content, campaigns, and monetization, utilizing data from various platforms to enhance reach and engagement.
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