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Advancing Athletic Performance Through AI: Insights from
Welcome to, we are at the intersection of artificial intelligence and sports analytics. Founded by Alex Huot, the former head of social media for the International Olympic Committee. is dedicated to transforming the landscape of sports through the power of AI. Our technology analyses both live and archival data across various sports and leagues, providing in-depth insights that propel athletic and marketing strategies forward.

Fostering Gender Equality in Sports
Our commitment to social equity is demonstrated through initiatives like the Gender Balance Tracker for the Olympics. This tool is instrumental as we approach the Paris 2024 Olympics, offering data-driven insights that spotlight disparities and opportunities for promoting gender equality in sports. By utilising vast amounts of social media data, our platform exposes gaps and empowers female athletes to elevate their brand visibility and marketability, addressing historical imbalances in sports representation and sponsorship.

Gender Balance Tracker

Data-Driven Connections for Paris 2024 stands as the world’s first psychographic database tailored to the needs of over 3,000 Olympians and their prospective sponsors as they prepare for Paris 2024. This unique resource supports more nuanced and effective partnerships by aligning athlete and brand values, leading to more strategic and mutually beneficial relationships. The data also help understand the affinities of social media fans by showing where their interests and passion points lie.

Strategic Applications of AI Across the Sports Industry leverages AI to offer comprehensive strategies that enhance data analysis, campaign management, content creation, distribution, and monetisation. These capabilities ensure that our stakeholders—whether athletes, teams, or brands—are fully equipped to maximise their impact within the competitive sports industry.

Extending Our Reach
The flexibility of our platform allows for its application beyond the Olympic stage, extending to college sports, professional leagues, and sponsorship agreements. This adaptability makes our database an invaluable resource for a wide array of sports industry stakeholders, who can customise and integrate our insights to fit their specific needs.

Join Our Mission
At, we are more than an insights provider—we are collaborators in the push towards democratising data access in sports. By exploring our projects and the potential of AI, stakeholders throughout the sports ecosystem can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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