Share of Voice

From Data to Diversity: Unveiling the Gender Tracker for Paris 2024

Share of Voice launches a Gender Tracker to analyse audience behaviour in sports. The first directory features Instagram followers of recognised Olympic sports. Initial findings show an average of 29% women and 71% men among followers for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games. This data comes from Instagram samples taken from a pool of 71 million followers across 32 Sports Federations that will be present in Paris 2024.

Understanding your audience is crucial before creating a strategy. Data insights help gauge success and areas for improvement. We’ve observed differences across sports, platforms, and countries. Understanding psychographics can be beneficial to the entire athlete ecosystem, including teams, federations, sponsors, content creators, and more. Empowering voices and giving back is in our DNA. We’re dedicated to building dashboards that analyse the gender balance of social media followers in sports. Together, we can bridge the gap.

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