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Can we bridge the gender gap within the social media followers of International Sport Federations?

Delve into the gender dynamics of social media followers among the International Summer Sport Federations featured in Paris 2024.  Leverage third-party tools, and dissect the follower demographics of each federation. Unveil significant opportunities for sports seeking greater inclusivity.

The path forward begins with understanding your current audience, particularly focusing on a demographic often overlooked- women.

Below is an exploration complemented by research and a detailed case study on broadening reach through social media data. This direction is a strategic move for federations aiming for inclusivity. To note, the case study reveals that at the present time only three out of the thirty two Summer Federations on the programme for the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024 have more women than men following their official social handles.

Research and Case Study:

Gender Balance in the Social media followers of IFs - Research Download Link (In PDF)
Gender Insights of Summer International Sport Federations - Case Study Download Link (In PDF)

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