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The Role of Share of Voice in Analysing Gender Gaps in Olympic Sports

As the world gears up for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, the push to understand and bridge the gender gap in sports has never been more critical. Leading the charge in this effort is Share of Voice, a powerful platform that is becoming the gold standard in psychographic sports data. By leveraging data from Audiense, alongside advanced anonymised facial recognition tools, AI, and sophisticated algorithms, Share of Voice is pioneering a comprehensive analysis of the gender disparities within National Olympic Committees, International Sporting Federations, and the extensive cohort of Olympians.

Unparalleled Approach

Share of Voice's approach is unparalleled. For the first time, a platform is not only attempting to quantify the gender gap but also painting a detailed picture of it, offering insights that were previously unattainable. The level of detail in this analysis is extraordinary, as Share of Voice has meticulously researched and linked information on the followers of over 3,500 Olympians and over 5,000 social media handles set to compete in Paris 2024. These efforts provide a valuable resource for brands and organisations eager to understand and address gender disparities in sports.

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Olympians with smaller audiences are also studied
All 32 Sports are analysed platform by platform
The First Gender-Balanced Olympics

Paris 2024 will be the first gender-balanced Olympics with equal male and female participation. This is a significant milestone, but Share of Voice aims to understand how gender-balanced the social media followers of Olympians, International Sporting Federations, and National Olympic Committees participating in these games are.

Utilising Advanced Tools

By utilising data from Audiense, Share of Voice can delve deep into audience segmentation, offering insights into the preferences, behaviours, and demographics of sports fans. This data is complemented by anonymised facial recognition tools and AI, which analyse visual content to identify patterns and disparities in gender representation. Additionally, Share of Voice is pulling the social media data of the athletes' fans, providing a comprehensive understanding of the audience engaging with Olympians. The algorithms used by Share of Voice then synthesise this information, creating a robust and dynamic profile of the current state of gender equality in Olympic sports.

Findings and Resources

Some of the findings from this exhaustive research have been made available on, providing a platform for brands to engage with and support initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap. The detailed profiles and data points offer brands a unique opportunity to align their sponsorship and marketing efforts with gender equality initiatives, fostering a more inclusive sporting environment. Individual Olympian profiles remain available on, giving brands and organisations detailed access to the athletes.

Benefits for Olympians, Sport Federations, and Teams

The data collected by Share of Voice is invaluable for Olympians, Sport Federations, and teams. It allows them to gain insights into gender representation within their ranks and provides actionable data to help address disparities. By understanding the scope of the gender gap, these organisations can implement more targeted and effective strategies to promote gender equality. As new athletes are named by their National Olympic Committees, Share of Voice continues to update and expand its database, ensuring the most comprehensive and current information is available.