Share of Voice

Top 5 Advertisers on Meta in the past 90 days

Who are the top five advertising buyers on Meta properties in the past 90 Days? Share of Voice researched it, and this is what we found.

Top 3 Categories by advertising spend: Politics, Plastics and Pharma.

Advertising spending on social media can indicate a brand's commitment to reaching a specific audience and promoting their products or services.

A higher advertising spend may suggest that a brand is focused on increasing brand awareness or driving sales through social media. Additionally, it can indicate a company's willingness to invest in digital marketing and the potential size of their target audience. However, it does not necessarily indicate the overall success or effectiveness of a brand's social media strategy. Other factors such as engagement, audience demographics, and content strategy should also be considered when evaluating a brand's presence on social media.

We take a common sense approach to Paid versus Organic Media at Share of Voice. If your campaign doesn't show signs that it can perform (even slightly) organically, why should it perform if it's getting a Paid promotion?