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Sponsor Seeker to Empower Athletes, Teams and Brands

19 December 2022, Lausanne, Switzerland - In its ongoing pursuit to seek the best consumer insights and cultural data worldwide, Share of Voice is delighted to announce that it is teaming up with Audiense to help power a light version of Sponsor Seeker.

"Audiense wrote the book on segmenting groups of people by interests and affinities. So I couldn't think of a better partner to help us get the best data reports to engage athletes, fans, gamers, and brands of all kinds," said Alex Huot, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Share Of Voice.

"Share of Voice's founder Alex Huot has over 20 years of a proven track record and is a pioneer in building and connecting communities with brands. Audiense is delighted to play its part in empowering sports and brands of all kinds," said Javier Bùron, Chief Executive Office of Audiense.

About Sponsor Seeker 
Sponsor Seeker is born out of the desire to help and support the sporting community. It will ingest and analyse billions of data points and yield valuable insights that could help many athletes create content that resonates with their fans and potentially put them on a track to sponsorship.

There will be two levels of memberships. First, a light-free version for athletes with no financial resources will come with regular coaching sessions with Alex Huot, the CEO of Share Of Voice.

The second version of Sponsor Seeker will be called Sponsor Seeker Gold. It will assist leagues, sporting organisations, and talent to better understand their audiences and put them on a fast track to sponsorship. The Gold edition will include individual analyses of respective digital ecosystems, including research from AI-powered solutions and third-party media analytics tools.

About Audiense
Audiense Inc. is the #1 Social consumer segmentation Intelligence platform, according to G2, a leader in Business Software and Services Reviews. It was founded over ten years ago and is a trusted partner of many leading global brands. Based in London, UK, it employs a team of 50 plus data individuals and 2000+ paid customers worldwide 

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About Share Of Voice
Share Of Voice is a new agency created by the International Olympic Committee's ex-Social Media Chief, Alex Huot. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Inspired by data, Share of Voice creates strategies, content, distribution, and monetization opportunities for athletes, teams and brands. 

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