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Share of Voice Analysis: Chess vs. League of Legends

In a groundbreaking study, the power of Share of Voice, fueled by Audiense, delved deep into the popularity tug-of-war between traditional chess and the eSports giant, League of Legends. Harnessing five months of comprehensive big data sourced from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and insights from Facebook Pixel, the scope of this research spanned four pivotal nations: Brazil, India, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The dynamic charts presented in the video underscore a telling narrative of the fluctuating interest levels in both games. By meticulously sifting through thousands of data points, from brand inclinations to content affinities, this exploration provided invaluable psychographic insights. These insights are not only indicative of the current trends but also pave the way for formulating robust growth and monetization strategies for entities vested in these games.

Deep-Dive into Game Popularity Dynamics

The share of voice research illuminated the contrasting landscapes in each studied country. For instance, while chess, an age-old strategic game, showcased a consistent interest in regions like India and the UK, the eSports behemoth, League of Legends, demonstrated a massive surge, especially in digital-forward nations like South Korea. The study goes beyond mere popularity metrics by integrating brand and content preferences data. It offers a comprehensive understanding of user psychographics, laying the foundation for businesses and stakeholders to devise targeted campaigns, align with audience preferences, and ultimately harness the potential of these games in the evolving digital entertainment sphere.

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