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A look at the data behind the Rubiales #Seacabó moment that is eclipsing the FIFAWWC 2023

The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia & New Zealand not only shattered numerous records but also showcased outstanding talent. However, the Luis Ruibales scandal in the finals has diverted much of the media's spotlight. At Share of Voice, we're delving deep, utilising Media and sentiment benchmarks, Google Trends, and tracking Jenni Hermoso's Instagram follower surge to quantify the shift in media attention from the FIFAWWC 2023's achievements to the #Seacabó incident — a defining moment in Spanish football akin to the #MeToo movement.

Rubiales Vs  FIFAWWC: 

Press and Social Media including X (formerly Twitter) coverage from the 17th of July
Sentiment of the FIFAWWC between 20 July - 20 August 2023
Sentiment around the FIFAWWC after adding the keyword Rubilales 21 August - 3 September
Share of Voice in the media / Twitter (X) in the last 30 days
Rubiales in the media from 21 August to 2 September 2023

Interest over time on Google in Spain


Since 20 August 2023 #Seacabó had more than 30 million interactions. Jenni Hermoso's Instagram account experienced a surge, adding 511,667 new followers since the start of the tournament. To note that 437,065 of those followers were added after the 20 August incident.

Remarkably, this is 40,995 more followers than the official FIFAWWC account, which garnered 470,707 new followers between 20 July and 3 September 2023.

Media coverage (radio, print, web and broadcast) was monitored and measured across 300,000 media outlets and over 200 languages around the world.


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